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Miss Earth Videoshoot on Sentosa!

Posted by: dweam on: July 11, 2009

Fun in the sun on Saturday with the babes at Sentosa Beach Resort early in the morning! We were due at 8.30 in the morning for a video shoot at Siloso Beach Resort. I was there super early cause Dad drove me to the Resort but the unfriendly car park attendant said that we were not allowed to park at the hotel since they were not informed of any Miss Earth event. Not a good start to the Saturday morning. Grrrr…..

After much haggling, checking and double-checking, we decided to concede defeat. We were about to walk out and head for Siloso beach itself when Cheryl herself drove up and confirmed that we did in fact have a function room reserved for us. HOOOORAHHH!

BUT! Even after that, he still REFUSED to let us park our cars there. Not even Cheryl’s! But thank goodness the guy who liaised with Cheryl got there after many calls, so we eventually got to leave the just TWO cars there.

Before we started with the shoot, we got complimentary breakfast at the….. cafe? I dont really know what it’s called because it isnt exactly a restaurant. We sat al fresco but keep in mind that because we’re at Sentosa, the cafe was just next to the road where the beach tram trawls. So whoever’s on the tram can see you being unglam stuffing food into your gaping wide mouth.

We didnt eat much but still the food helped wake us up and give us energy for the rest of the day.

Going for the shoot after getting a fat bloated tummy! Girls crammed in a lift in their bikinis.

We headed for the pool on the 5th floor and it LOOKS LIKE NIRVANA! Awesome waterfall in the background and the green grass/beach chair combination makes it look like you arent in Singapore anymore.

Time to strip change! Dont forget your sunblock girls.

Stella. Mira. Cindy.

We only had 9 present that day out of the usual 13 (or was it 12?). So here’s the unofficial line up for the day.

Because it was the day we had to do our video shoot cum “mini interviews”, we were broken up into groups of 4 and 5 for the interviews. I was grouped with Stella, Cindy and Michie.

Group photo: Stella, Cindy, myself and Michie.

The other group.

Mira, Ashley, Xuanhua, Suet and Deborah lounging on the beach chairs.

Horsing around with mah group. Lol.

Michie and I taking a break from our individual self introductions on camera to goof around.

Seriously when a camera is pointed at you, things like what your name is or how old you are slip through the cracks in your brain that you never thought were there. It was difficult because they only allowed each person 2 takes. Wtf. Extra pressure. And here you thought talking in front of a camera was easy.

Once we got that out of the way, we finally get into the pool!

But not quite. We had to sit at the edge of the pool and wave for like, what, 5 minutes?

THEN we finally get to splish splashing!

Im sure this is the part you’ve been waiting for.

We moved to the beautiful waterfall and posed with it for your customary photos.

Dont you agree that the waterfall makes an awesome backdrop to photograph at?!

It really looks like we’re somewhere else instead of home. Maybe this place should be labeled as one of the kept secrets in Singapore.

When that was over and done with, we FINALLY mucked around and GOT WET!

There was a slide at the pool area and we got to go down it despite it being reserved usually for kids. Haha.

Getting ready to go down the slide!

But that was not the end. The video shoot took longer than expected because we proceeded to the roof top to video each girl’s catwalk. Intimidating much?

Deb and Mich workin it!

That however didnt stop us from having fun because the view from there was spectacular! You look over Siloso Beach and had a clear view of the sea from there.

With such a picturesque scene, it’s not hard to want to take pictures in front of it.

That place looks over the pool too. Check out Mich dancing. Must be dancing with joy. Hahaha.

The shoot was over at about 12noon. We had lunch on site, catered specially by the resort. It was scheduled just before the redesigning workshop and we again ate el fresco – yummy kebab in pita bread. Slurp!

Deb and Ashley having lunch. Can you see the beach tram stop in the background?

The workshop was held in one of the many function rooms. They set up tables and chairs nicely for us and it was a cozy setting mimicking a group of friends getting together to trade old clothes.

Michie and I cam-whoring whilst discussing ideas about how best to redesign an outfit that we ACTUALLY have to wear on Coronation Night.

We have to make two outfits: one casual and one formal. So here’s half my casual outfit (the shorts) in the making.

Before AND after. Hurhur.

I got an old pair of denim 3/4 pants and decided to cut them. I used to wear them when I was in this whole baggy pants phase (partly due to me dancing so much also), but just decided one day they were TOO baggy for me. I think they’re actually men’s pants. So to jazz them up, I cut them short and made them hot!

The almost finished product. I’m still going to add some finishing touches to em.

And with the excess cloth from cutting the pants (shorts now?) I made this for a top that I hardly wear anymore. Most likely gonna match the top with the shorts.

Awesome much?

Now to crack my head over what to make for the formal outfit.

6 Responses to "Miss Earth Videoshoot on Sentosa!"

aw hey looked like it was a fun shoot eh
have fun and all the best in your Miss Earth

omg.. the bikini video shoot looked so fun!! :D

must be careful of the denim ribbon. just use one side of the denim on sew on all sides to the top. else it might be too heay and droop fwd when u wear it.

need help for the formal outfit? cocktail dress?

good point babe! i almost forgot about that. thanks for the reminder. must remember to sew the centre and top parts down :)

hee hee. yah! cocktail dress for the finals. any ideas?

I got a lot of unglam photos! LOL.
but it’s ohkayy.
Kuddos to your post for this MES event! :D

BEST WISHES to All the Beauties of MES 2009
on their Swimsuit Prejudging on 5th Sept and Finals on 15th September 2009 at Bellini Grande. Stay Cool.

babe! im rooting for you! hehehehe. *big huggies*

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