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Prime Time

Posted by: dweam on: July 14, 2009

There are good reasons why people use primers.

Just like how a building requires a good and solid foundation, primers
are the building blocks to keeping a good face, especially if you’re
gonna keep it for long. In this case I was looking in particular at eyeshadow primers.

It was a tough decision when it came to choosing between the Urban
Decay Primer Potion
(PP) and Too Faced Shadow Insurance (SI). I’d
heard raves reviews about both and for a primer amateur like me, they
both would most likely do the job for me. It was thus a matter of
application and ease of access to the product that broke the hair on the camel’s back.

Too Faced SI comes in a easy to use squeeze tube. Although UD’s
genie-like bottle wins in terms of style and coolness, I’d heard that
when little product is left, it’s hard to get out. Thus the only
way to get your money worth of the primer is to CHOP the bottle in
half. Haha. Guess what, there are even videos on Youtube on how to do it! It was the funniest thing I heard.

They’re both priced the same (both USD17), so to save me the hassle of taking up a butchering course anytime soon, Too Faced Shadow Insurance was my latest addition to my makeup trove. Hooray!

Review coming up soon!

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