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Posted by: dweam on: July 21, 2009

Short note: Pictures from the official photographer of the night. Post-processing credits to ME! =D

I’m happy thanks to Whisper.

Check out what they included in their goodie bags for the recent Blogger Dialogue I attended.

MACAROONS by Canele!

THESE THINGS ARE THE BEST THINGS EVER! Especially the chocolate one at the top right corner. The shells were crisp on the outside which contrasted very nicely with the creamy, chocolatey and very gooey inside. Oooo… Thinking about it makes me salivate again. It was absolute bliss and orgasmic. There were other delish flavours like lychee strawberry, coffee and hazelnut, but the chocolate one was a clear winner in my books.

I’ve had other macaroons from different places before, but this wins hands down and is by far the yummiest I’ve tasted to date. I’m sure the other girls were equally thrilled by the awesome find in their goodie bags too.

Ransacking our goodie bags as we get a neck and shoulder massage to relive tension.

But we were there for more than just massages and goodie bags. These, nonetheless, are always a perk to attending events because the element of surprise in finding out what they put inside is sooo thrilling. Haha.

Anyway, back to my point. The cozy discussion at House was facilitated by both Whisper’s Brand Manager and Assistant Brand Manager, Cynthia and Cherisse respectively.

No we were not there to discuss the latest technology on absorption but instead, were there to find out and discuss women’s attitudes and mindsets towards “that time of the month”. Unfortunately, majority of girls aged 18-24 polled have negative attitudes towards their periods, but did you know there’s more to your period than just those few days? Cherisse and Cynthia thus proceeded to share some seekrits with us about the cycle.

Also as part of learning to cope with our periods, we were taught some simple massage techniques that can help alleviate pain.

Eileen and Jan practising hugging themselves while Nadia meditates

I, on the other hand, try my hand at weaning my head off from my shoulders.

Jan gets some help from the professionals with the same task.

At the same time Esther and I quality control previous camwhore moments.

Esther: “Ehh! I see PIMPLE! *scrutinizes*
Val: Where? *kaypoh*

I look chio here!

Beautiful Cherisse telling us about the microsite and Facebook page that will launch in conjunction with their campaign on August 19th. You too can learn the seeekrits of the cycle then. So make sure you stay tuned cause I’ll also be bringing you updates!

Final pictures before we leave.

With all the bloggers present that day – Belle, Jan, Nadia, Diana, Eileen, Esther, Kaihui and me. Inside joke: Can you guess who’s dressed as the pad, the blood and the packaging? Lol.

And finally, with the crew.


2 Responses to "Happy!"

I LOVE MACARONS! but I dont remember canele’s macarons being nice. lol.. maybe i should try them again.

am checking ur site 3-4 times/day for the freebies entry!!! haha… =X

Ya la Ya la…you look very chio. lol.

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