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Birthday Giveaway Part 2

Posted by: dweam on: July 23, 2009

The party’s not over. I’m still giving out stuff!

For those who didnt manage to land anything during the first giveaway, here’s your chance.

I cant emphasize enough how mad I am over eye makeup and mascaras so I’m giving away items so you can share in my obsession. Haha. For this and the next couple of giveaways, SilkMineral has kindly sponsored several goodies for me to share with you guys!

In this giveaway, I am giving away part of the awesome-ness SilkMineral has included in their little blue box I received almost a week ago.

Eyes are the windows to the soul and if you want your eyes to pop, take a leaf out of the pages of them Japanese magazines and swear by your falsies. But it’s not glamourous to have half your lashes hanging off your eye unless you’re going for a sleepy eye look. If you have yet to find one that has met your needs, here are some great finds you can now try out before committing to them.

#1 – Ardell LashGrip Adhesive in Clear x2 Reserved for Ruby and Sue!
For strip lashes, this adhesive holds lashes securely in place and dries quickly turning from white to clear. No worries about your glue showing up on your eye makeup. Upon removal, makeup remover or baby oil may be used to remove residual adhesive on eyelids.

#2 – Gypsy Lashes Strip Adhesive in Clear
Reserved for Ruby and Sue!
This is also by Ardell and holds lashes securely in place. Goes on white and dries clear. Adhesive can be peeled off from lash band.

But for the conservative here’s something for you too!


These are all brand new and honestly, with the huge stash of makeup, mascaras I have, I most likely will never get about to using them. So I’m putting these samples up for adoption. You might even say they’re all sorta branded. You can even use these on your lashes UNDER your falsies for extra va-va-voom!

#3 – Sephora Lash Plumper Mascara gonfleur de cils 3ml Reserved for Atiqah!
The larger brush, with slightly tapered edges is touted to reach from root to tip, for truly bat-worthy volume and glamour. I’ve never tried it yet but it says no clumps too!

#4 – LORAC Publicity Stunt Lashes Long-wearing Mascara 4.2g
Reserved for JoJo!
This is an ultra lightweight formula loaded with natural ingredients that create a long wearing, innovative new technology. However, the one I have is different from the full-sized one. Because mine is a sample, it doesnt come with the comb at the bottom of the mascara wand.

Again, all comments will be screened and I will randomly select 5 commenters for the giveaway. The lucky numbers are (machiam Toto) #2, #7, #10, #13 and #20.

Do note that the giveaway is limited to Singapore addresses.

You know the drill!

To qualify, leave your name and working email address in the comments below!

Entries after Friday 12noon will not qualify for the items.

13 Responses to "Birthday Giveaway Part 2"

#3 for me please!

Thank you!

#4! Thanks! =)

I WANT the eyelash glue. haha.. either one will do.!

Birthday giveaway? It’s your birthday? Hmmm…

I want the lash plumper!! I love anything volume! :D

Yoohoo yay I’m second. I want #1 – Ardell LashGrip Adhesive in Clear! Thanks! <3

babe! i want freebie! mascara! hahaha. and its your birthday? happy birthday sweets! :)

I just read your post about the Pop products at Sephora, and im definitely going down tomorrow to get some! Anw, ive been looking for a good mascara, so it’ll be great to get it for free! Can I take part!

i think i wanna the #4 – LORAC Publicity Stunt Lashes Long-wearing Mascara 4.2g.

How does this works? it’s my first time! do i say what i wish to get or what? erm…mascara?

Oh happy birthday!I would love to have the mascara from sephora=D

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