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2 New Autum/Winter Trends You Must Try

Posted by: dweam on: August 3, 2009

Although it’s still summer here (and perpetually will be in Singapore) Autum is fast approaching in the major fashion capitals. They have been pushing out the hottest clothing for the coming cold weather and accompanying that is the coolest makeup trends.

4 prominent trends were spotted on the runway from top designers and trust M.A.C to come up with collections that will help you achieve these hot looks.

I got a sneak peek of the collections that will be launching in Sept/Oct and I WANT EM ALL! Gregory Arlt, Director of Makeup Artistry from M.A.C, was down in Singapore a couple of weeks back to show us how to achieve these runway inspired looks.

The first of 4 prominent trends where strong eyes were the main focus was aptly titled LID VICIOUS.

Think smudged, greasy, morning-after eyes and you have this season’s attitude driven and deliberate darkness. This is definitely my favourite style because I’m such a sucker for dark, smoky eyes.

With their launch of Style Black come October, I am going to dance in darkness with their Mineralise Eyeshadow in Blue Flame and Cinderella and Greasepaint Stick. The latter promises to spin you right to the depths of smoky, punky glamour. Just look at how he demonstrated the use of the eyeshadow on the model. So punk rock-chick. I’m loving it!

Who’s That Girl? with the red, hot lips?

The next trend Greg spotted on the runway this season was a flamboyant, neon lip contrasted against satiny skin. When it comes to pulling out that individual element, the rule this seasons appears to be: if in doubt, do a lip. And a perfectly lined, exorbitantly coloured one at that.
I’ve always wanted to do a traffic red stopping lip, but never had to guts to.

Greg shows how to transform your matt red lipstick from flat to fab. Instead of your usual matt red lipstick, you can make yourself runway ready, with a hint of Dazzleglass Creme. It makes the models lips super shiny and look like it’s bee-stung! I totally want that! I can’t resist super shiny gloss. It’s hard to say no to lips looking like they’ve been injected with too much silicone.


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