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Tutorial: National Day Inspired Looks

Posted by: dweam on: August 6, 2009

Winners for this contest are Joie, Ivy & Xin Hui. Congratulations babes!

With the long weekend approaching and a time to celebrate our Nation’s 44th Birthday, it’s time to get creative with your eye-makeup! If you’re going to the National Day Parade like why not take pride in our national colour and jazz up your eye-makeup with a tinge of red.

I shall be patriotic this weekend and in the process show you 2 looks with red undertones using a bunch of mineral eyeshadows from Silk Mineral.

Look 1 – The Copper Sun

Step 1 – Using Pearl White, highlight the middle of your eyeball; the part that protrudes the most.

Step 2 – The key colour for this look is Pink Copper – a copper (reddish/brown) eyeshadow that has very slight pink undertones. Colour the inner and outer corners of your eye up to your eye socket.

Step 3 – With a soft fluffy brush, blend OUTWARDS into the Pink Copper starting from the white. This helps to soften the copper colour and melts both colours into each other.

As you can see in the second picture, when your eyes are opened, the colours fade into one another smoothly without any obvious line.

Step 4 – With your favourite eyeliner (I used Kate Gel Eyeliner in Black here), line your eyes, curl your lashes and stick on flirty falsies to finish off the look!

If on the other hand, you decide to have a girly night or a romantic dinner after the National Day Parade, smokey eyes might be the order of the day. This time however, I’ll use a soft pink to give a sweet yet sexy appeal to your usual smokey eyes.

Look 2 – The Sweet Siren

Step 1Coral Sparks covers half your lids starting all the way from the inner corner of your eye.

Step 2 – You can opt to use black on the outer corners of your eye, but in this case, I chose a shimmery grey from ZA 10 carat eyeshadow palette and brushed it on the outer corners of the eyes, also sweeping a little just under the eyebrows and the inner corners.

Step 3 – Blend blend blend! Blend the grey color over Coral Sparks with a windscreen wiper motion to smoothen the colours out.

Step 4 – For added effect, line your bottom eyelid with the same grey till halfway.

Step 5 – Finally, line your upper eyelids and stick on a pair of dramatic eyelashes for that va-va-voom effect!


Now you’re all set to attend a parade and party the night away!

To recreate the above looks, Im giving away 3 eyeshadows sponsored kindly by Silk Mineral. 2 are the exact same ones I used in the tutorials!

I have Coral Sparks, Pink Copper and Cotton Candy (an orangey pink which you can use for both day and night in both looks) to give out and all you have to do is answer the following question:

Mineral makeup from Silk Mineral has no Talc, no Boron Nitrate and no Bismuth Oxychloride. True or false?

Leave your answer with your name and working email in the comments section and the FOURTH, EIGHTH & NINTH commenters will stand a chance to win one of these three beautiful colours!

Deadline for qualifying comments is Saturday 8th August 2359hr.

All comments will be screened.

14 Responses to "Tutorial: National Day Inspired Looks"

Awesome contest :)

The answer is: True

I want the makeup!

Marie Lee

Y not give to the 1st 3 commenters?? Like tat ppl will wait & wait till they become the Fourth/Eight/Ninth commenters …

Anyway, here’s my details in case i got chosen instead? Hee hee!

Patricia Chua



Ans: True
Name: Fiona
Email: frostyfiona@yahoo.com.sg

trying my luck! :)



do i get it? do i get it? :D


true! =)

true :D

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