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Miss Earth Singapore 09 Swimsuit Pre-judging Picture Post

Posted by: dweam on: September 6, 2009

The lack of updates over the past week will be duly made up in this post because I has pictures for you! Pictures of girls in bikinis to be exact.

Pre-judging came and went. It signals the closing of a long, almost 3 month journey the girls have had together, because it’s the round before the actual crowning at Coronation. The Pre-judging was over in a blink of a eye although rehearsals started from 10 and went all the way up till 5pm.

2 sets of biknis, 1 cocktail dress and 1 Q&A segments. I wouldnt say I aced the Q&A although I did fairly well and received feedback that I was the most eloquent of the lot. My friends think too highly of me, I feel, but they say I judge myself too critically. I made some mistakes during the walks but apparently they were none the wiser.

But I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Only got one picture backstage because the rest are with Michie. But we didnt have much time to cam-whore behind the scenes because IT’S SHOW TIME!

And then there was the judging where the girls had to line up in a straight line and make like prisoners turning 360 degrees on demand for the scrutiny of the judges.

Second bikini outfit from CHANGE. I loved this bikini soooo much! It was totally hot. And the white looked awesome against my now tanned skin. HAHAHAHAHA! How’s that for self-praise. See if you can spot me in it. We also had to parade with a scarf.

In this outfit, we had a second round of pre-judging too!

But that’s not the end of it, we still had our own cocktail dresses to parade in, accessoried with sponsored bags made from eel skin. In was also in this outfit that we had our Q&A, where each girl was thrown 2 questions: 1 from the audience and another from the panel of judges.

I’ll tell you honestly that this was probably the scariest part of the night as no one KNEW what the questions were going to be. The audience threw us some pretty difficult questions. Coupled the tricky ones some of them faced from the judges, I think many of the girls stumbled their way through the Q&A segment.

Examples of questions were:
- If you were the Prime Minister of Singapore and had to choose between saving the economy or saving the environment, which would you choose and why?
- If all the animals were extinct on this planet, which animal would you choose to save and why?
- Keeping in mind the theme or recycling, as the Miss Earth winner, what material would you choose for your National Costume and why?
- If there was a Miss Anti-Earth contest that paid 10x more than Miss Earth Singapore, would you join it and why?
- Would you strip for the Earth?

I think I was lucky with my questions.
- Assuming you won Miss Earth Singapore this year, what would you do to help developing countries save the Earth?
- What do you think is the most pressing environmental issue in Singapore now?

I have a video of me answering the questions, but I’m not gonna upload it till later because I need you to do something for me! For those who have been asking about voting, here’s your chance to take part and show some support!

Vote at FOR ME and I might just upload the video of myself. BAH! Every 8 votes only costs $2 and voting goes on till September 17th. Winner of the voting gets crowned Miss Popularity.

Go forth and vote NOW!

5 Responses to "Miss Earth Singapore 09 Swimsuit Pre-judging Picture Post"

Wish you all the best! Obviously I cannot vote for you cos I am in Malaysia, but anyway, all the best!

Nose bleed…u r beautiful^^

You are so HOT!

Yea ,from malaysia too but good luck, Dweam.
This earth pagent looks like real deal with hard Q & A XD

omg… that’s alot of judging! thankfully i did not put myself on that spot. takes alot of courage!!!

all the best babe! ;)

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