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Miss Earth Singapore 09 Coronation Night Picture Post

Posted by: dweam on: September 28, 2009


I’m back. I know I said I’d update with tonnes of pictures of the Coronation Night and you probably were eagerly waiting for it. I apologise if it caused you any mental distress when there was no update over the weekend.

But it was the F1 weekend hey? Hope you were busy out doing some exciting stuff. Hamilton won it again didnt he? Okay, not again cause the last time they were here Alsono took the cup. Although Renault is now being investigated for race rigging what with the crash that happened before that. But, anyway, yknow what I mean.

I’ve just been hanging out with my bb girls and we did touristy and not so touristy stuff because we had a guest come into Singapore over the weekend. Eating curry fish head at Samy’s and trying out chilli crab at Jumbo seafood is sorta like your regular but not so regular Singaporean stuff you do when you’re here. Eating of course is a must; sampling the various delights owing to our multi-cultural heritage and mix in this tiny island is a national sport.

What? Is this a mindless rambling post? No it’s not. Didnt you see the title? It’s supposed to be a picture post. WHAT? Why am I talking so much then? All right already, chill dude. I’m just being annoying and prolonging the arrival of the pictures. Enjoying a moment of self-talk and talking to whoever wants to listen to the constant stream of mindless ramblings that goes on in the grey matter of this head.

So, before that throbbing vein in your temple bursts, here are the pictures.

You can be sure that our every single move that night was captured on camera. There were tonnes of cameras around.

First up after the opening item was our Junk to Funk and Stale to Style redesigned segment. All outfits in this segment were done and hand made by the girls themselves over a period of about 2 months. Amazing what a little creativity can do for old stuff you might not want!

Without any time to breathe, the two swimwear segments were up. First one with the Singapore Shawl which was tricky to look elegant in. I mean, seriously, you could run the risk of doing a Chinese dance on stage if you were not careful.

The second swimsuit was decked out with chunky accessories and was also the swimsuit where they presented the 4 subsidiary awards: Miss Photogenic, Miss Popularity (Online Voting), Miss Swimsuit and Miss Friendly.


The evening gowns arrive!

This was probably the part where everyone was most fearful because the gowns only arrived on the day itself. It was thus only the 2nd time we had experience wearing our gowns and walking in them on stage unlike the rest of the outfits where we had rehearsed in them several times. The fact that most gowns had trains on them coupled with the small sized stage was a recipe for disaster. Oh, dont forget the 2 emcees standing up front too.

The evening gown segment was made even more spectacular with the girls hiding behind self-made masks. It’s a masquerade ball!

Sweet Suet with the hot abs!

Magnificent Mich in her white gown that lots of the other girls wanted.


They quickly narrowed the Top 13 to the Top 8 and subjected each and every one to the Question and Answer round.

After which the judges picked out the Top 4 and AGAIN, threw environmental questions at all each one. This time, however, clearing the slate and scoring each girl individually based on their answer to the question in that round only.

Actually, personally, once you make it to the Top 4, you got it made already. It was just a matter of ranking.

Still I’m really thankful and shocked I won! Especially when it was just down to Amira and I on stage.

The various elements in the elemental court consists of fire, water, air. They represent the 3rd runner up, 2nd runner up, and 1st runner up respectively.

#7 Valerie Lim – Miss Earth Singapore 2009.
#10 Nur Amira – Miss Earth Singapore 2009 Air (1st Runner up).
#8 Deborah Chan – Miss Earth Singapore 2009 Water (2nd Runner up).
#5 Stella Zheng – Miss Earth Singapore 2009 Fire (3rd Runner up).

And they combine to form Captain Planet the Earth!

I was really appreciative of everyone who came down to support me.


They took the time to come down despite busy schedules and cheered loudly for me putting their unpractised vocals under great stress. Haha. I also had friends who said they’d come but couldnt last minute due to other commitments. Nevertheless they still sent their well-wishes through text and messages on the various social networking sites.

Of course, after the entire thing, I had to go out and meet my people. Haha.

Big thank you goes out to Wennie and Nuffnang for sponsoring the ad in the Miss Earth magazine! ♥

Last but definitely not least, the people who never fail to always support me regardless of what I do. Mum stayed up late to make the red hearts with my name while Dad insisted on driving me wherever and carrying my heavy luggage. My brother? Hahaha. Always hits the nail on the hit with whatever he says. ♥♥♥♥

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Hellos. Congrats and all the best for your future endeavors. (:

Congrats! Next step would be…Miss Singapore universe or Miss Singapore World?


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