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Quick Beauty Tip: Oil Up!

Posted by: dweam on: October 18, 2009

Cars need oil to run and we like ‘em slick, smooth and shiny.

The same can be said for hair. Because we subject our hair to blow drying, colouring and all sorts of mechanical stresses, ends get dry and hair strands lose their luster.

Instead of spending bucketloads of money on expensive treatments and what-not miracle products, here’s a quick and affordable item you can totally afford to have and do it yourself.

Baby oil is a great substitute for hair serum. Someone once told me, “If it’s safe enough for baby’s skin, it’s safe for yours because babies have the most delicate skin.” Those wise words have stuck with me ever since.

Especially if you have dry and/or split ends, baby oil helps to smooth these ends over and restore a healthy shine to your hair. To get rid of frizzy flyaway hair, just squeeze about a 50cent sized amount into your palm and massage starting from the ends up. Be mindful not to use tooooo much oil otherwise it’ll look like an oil spill happened on your scalp.

Another great use for baby oil?

It doubles up as hand protection, working as a protective barrier, retaining moisture in your hands.

And if you didnt already know, baby oil also strips away makeup as well as any other makeup remover.

2 Responses to "Quick Beauty Tip: Oil Up!"

thanks for the tip!
learnt sth new today :D

woohoo. i love baby oil too!

apply empty to your before you go for a swim! helps to protect it from the chlorine. but it can only last for abt 10mins. so need to re-apply! ;)

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