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Flying Without Wings

Posted by: dweam on: November 9, 2009

If there’s a trend for this trip, it’s them putting us in death-defying situations. We’re usually above ground with no solid landing directly beneath us.

This morning, we went on a tree top adventure and got to experience free-fall rapelling ala Mission Impossible style, sending screams through the tree top canopies. It was scary at first because it truly felt like you were falling with no parachute, but at least for me, nearing the ground it became a lot better and the fear subsided. I really enjoyed it. Then there was the Superman ride which saw 2 girls zip thru the air forwards and backwards. Now, that was super fun. Hahaha. I caught Miss Switzerlands’s and my expressions on video. Haha.

The adrenalin rush was amazing but short-lived. We had to quickly leave for our preliminary swimsuit competition at Lakeshore.

We had no time to spare. The girls from Group 3 rushed to do their own hair and makeup before going on stage. But as is expected, the actual show always seems to pass in the blink of an eye. The judges picked 5 girls and they will be competing with the other 10 girls from Group 1 and 2 to land the title Best in Swimsuit. These girls are: Miss Mexico, Miss Switzerland, Miss Brazil, Miss France and Miss Paraguay.

Most of us are just really glad that the swimsuit competition is finally over because we’ve been so worried that we’d be eating ourselves fat. The hospitality of the people of Iloco Norte has been absolutely amazing. They feed us non-stop! I think we get at least 5 meals a day: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, snack, dinner.

But we’re back in Manila now and leaving in a couple of hours for another province. I think our group has the best itinerary because we get to explore the lesser seen side of the Philippines. Despite the fatigue, viewing the untouched civilisation and serene beauty of nature is mind-blowing. But let’s not forget the competitions.

Haha. I think it’s funny how we switch from being all road-trippy/girls day out to competition mode in an instant when the time calls for it. But that’s probably the mark of true beauty queens.

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