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Sweet Bacolod City

Posted by: dweam on: November 9, 2009

The province of Negros Occidental produces beauties. This year’s Miss Earth Philippines Sandra and 1st Runner up Adi both hail from here. But other than the people, they produce another beautiful product: sugar.

If sugar is a main part of their diet, it’s no wonder the people of this province are incredibly sweet. We graced a mangrove afforestation project right away after lunch and was warmly welcomes by a swarming mob of people. What got us truly smiling was seeing the children of the local elementary school holding flags of our respective countries! Yay! I didnt manage to get a picture with the girl carrying Singapore’s flag though I did get one of her on her own. Seeing my country’s flag brought back a massive wave of nostalgia and a surge of pride toward my homeland. The exact same feelings I got when I saw pictures of Singapore’s Tiong Bahru wet market in the in-flight magazine of Cebu Airlines. I couldnt stop telling the other girls about how the ah peks get up early in the morning to have their coffee while reading the daily news at the nearby coffeeshops. Aunties, on the other hand, trawl the wet markets that offer fresh produce like meat and vegetables. Ahhh…

It’s been just past a week since we girls have arrived here in the Philippines for the Miss Earth contest but it feels like forever. Our schedules have hit an all-time high and fatigue is slowly making its way round. Nothing, however, rejuvenates me like being reminded of the little quirks that make Singapore unique.

You never really truly appreciate your country’s little quirks and until you meet another and discuss what’s similar or unique about your own homeland. Like I had to actually THINK about which side of the road Singaporeans drive on. I know we have our driver on the right, but I finally realise we drive on the left.

So anyhoo, my point was that the children were so sweet. They hand-made those flags for us. I wish we could have kept them.

We’re in the hotel chalet now resting up for the night. The rest of the girls are doing a talent segment. My talent will be watching and appreciating the different dances. Cheering and screaming is a difficult talent to have. Eye power for the win!

3 Responses to "Sweet Bacolod City"

the city of smile! wish you had a lot of smiles in that city! :)

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great!! thanks for the sweet words about the City of Smiles. i live there for almost 3 years during my high school years.

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