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Gotta Get Get….

Posted by: dweam on: November 10, 2009

Gotta get used to this sudden waking up and getting off the bus to head somewhere or do something. Was having a nice long snooze after a delish lunch when the bus stopped and we had to get off. Eyes half shut and in a semi-conscious I had no idea where or what we were doing. I thought there had been a turn of events and we suddenly had to stop for a tour. Turns out we had to get off to get on the boat to head to Mindoro. Right on schedule. But where did that 2 hour drive go to!?

The same thing happened before lunch. Haha. Bleary-eyed and eyes glued shut, we had to attend a luncheon at a very nice country club aptly named The Palms. We had to meet the mayor in our semi-conscious state. The great food, however, immediately woke us up.

Then there’s the ambushing when you are alone trying to shovel some grub into your mouth. People come up and ask for pictures. We really dont mind, but sometimes all we wanna do is eat in peace before we pass out. It’s a wonder they dont wonder where the growling dog is when they take pictures with us. For a beauty pageant, we girls sure are a hungry lot.

Tip: Best to stay in groups so it’s harder to ambush you for a picture.

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Saw your pics when you visited Ilocos. Here: http://www.globalbeauties.com/earth/2009/

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