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Breath-taking Boracay

Posted by: dweam on: November 19, 2009

We’re in paradise!

We arrived last night when the sun was setting and its magnificent rays painted the sky with streaks of pink, orange and red. It was hard not to gawk at such a sight.

Whisked away to the Shangri-La Resort for some drinks, we were then stunned by the beauty of the pristine white sand and calm blue sea. Definitely a perfect location for a romantic getaway with that someone special. The architecture and layout of the Shangri-La is spectacular. Newly opened in March, I wanna go back there again soon for a proper holiday!

Dinner at Kasbah was one of the best we’ve had. Not only did we savour fantastic mutton stew, pita bread with hummus and loads of other goodies, we for once, dined in peace without so much as a fly bugging us. The soft sand beneath our feet coupled with the gentle crashing of waves barely 10m away from our dining area made for a romantic and relaxed place for us girls to hang out after a long day of travelling. Naturally with such a serene scene, we took pictures both in and out of the water.

This morning, breakfast overlooked a sea so blue it was as though someone had poured paint into it. Soon we headed out to the amazing greens in our resort Fairways and Bluewater for a photoshoot.

Zooming by in our golf buggy, flashes of brilliant red from the hibiscus flower peppered the sidewalks. In the blazing yellow sunlight, we posed for pictures and had a blast getting an uneven tan.

Now sitting in the lounge with the wind gently caressing my cheek and playfully messing my hair up, I listen to the soothing sound of the waves while staring out into a black canvas. I am truly awe struck by having experienced the spectrum of colours of our world in a day. But it would be such a pity if we did not take care of our planet Earth now. The beauty that we’ve come to know and love so well will not be around for future generations to appreciate and love like we do if we dont start right this moment.

3 Responses to "Breath-taking Boracay"

Ur d best ms singapore 4 me ur more dn a winner !wish u al d best n gudluck on sunday! We luv al ur updates hr n London!

i must agree! boracay is a heaven on earth!

congralations val!

you’re the first miss singapore to ever make it to the semi-finals of a MAJOR Beauty Pageant in more than 10 years! Your country will be proud of you!

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