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DIY: The REAL Bling Eyelashes

Posted by: dweam on: December 31, 2009

2 DIY posts in a row! I’ve been realllllyy hardworking these past weeks especially with the long holidays and half-days off work. Yay! A couple of months back I did a tutorial on how to DIY a pair of bling lashes using glitter nail polish. That was the lazy girl easy way out. But here’s [...]

DIY: Christmassy Bling Keychain

Posted by: dweam on: December 27, 2009

In the impromptu Christmas gathering we had on Christmas eve, we all had to bring a gift for the gift exchange. We were told “whatever that was within your budget”. Ookkkkaaaay. I had trouble at first deciding what to get because I wasnt sure if we were supposed to get something for everybody or just [...]

An Impromptu Merry Christmas

Posted by: dweam on: December 25, 2009

Sometimes last minute things turn out to be the best things. A mini gathering planned in less than 24 hours beforehand saw us trying to make decisions in an MSN conversation while not getting distracted by the 531634752 things going on everywhere else. Thanks to a well-connected person, we landed ourselves in a nice little [...]

Face of the Day (FOTD): Naughty not Nice

Posted by: dweam on: December 21, 2009

Christmas is barely days away! Have you been naughty or nice through this year? Hopefully you’ve been nice and made it to the nice list! Not too long ago I had a shoot where I had to be “naughty”. With big hair, glitter sparkles, dark eyes, dark nails and red lips, I was a rockstar [...]

You Jump, I Jump

Posted by: dweam on: December 19, 2009

This is my 400th published post! Wo0o0o0ot! I’ve done free fall harness jumping from the tops of trees, zipped through the canopies and now, for the first time ever I did a New Moon. I cliff dived in Boracay off Ariel’s Point. Unfortunately I didnt have visions of Edward Cullen, nor did I have anyone’s [...]

Travel Files: Miss Earth 09 Goes to Ilocos Norte Part 1

Posted by: dweam on: December 16, 2009

Warning: Image heavy post! Finally the first installment of the many travel posts that will come. 12 girls from Group 3 had to leave one morning bright and early to take a plane to Laoag. I was fortunate enough to be one of those 12. Checking in. The headache begins. The dude looks appalled at [...]

Outfit Post: Suit Up

Posted by: dweam on: December 13, 2009

I love my blazers and jackets. In fact, I love layering. It adds instant pizazz and smartens any outfit in an instant! Of course not to mention it helps keeps us warm during these cold times. It’s never really been so cold here in Singapore. But who cares! Now that temperatures seem to have dipped, [...]

Beautiful Inside and Out

Posted by: dweam on: December 11, 2009

I was gonna write a post like this after returning from my escapade with 78 other beauties in the Philippines, but havent had time to because work just came charging at me the moment I touched down. The kids had their school concert just this Wednesday and both my clinic meetings fell on the day [...]

Patience Young Padawan

Posted by: dweam on: December 10, 2009

Because I’m lazy still in the midst of writing 2 different posts on two very different things, you will have to be content with this one picture of a handful of us girls on the first day in Manila. I heart the denim dress from Forever 21. I promise there’ll be a post with a [...]

Face of the Day (FOTD): Going Green

Posted by: dweam on: December 8, 2009

In the light of the Miss Earth pageant, one of the days as the girls and I were going out, I did a green eyeshadow look. Although most people think it’s a hard look to carry it off, this one came off really well because it was a dark green shade that I used just [...]

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