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Coronation Night & Rehearsals

Posted by: dweam on: December 3, 2009

Everyone’s gorgeous on Coronation Night. The lights, makeup and hair do well to enhance each girl’s assets.

What, however, makes a lady truly a queen is not how much hair spray she uses or how much makeup she has. Sure they do well to assist the overall presentation of oneself, but it’s really about the charisma, poise and most importantly, attitude of a person that makes her a true beauty queen.

On Coronation Night, we were backstage since the afternoon for lunch. Then came a quick run-through before the REAL preparations started. We didnt get to take many pictures backstage during the preparation. Okay, rather I didnt take many pictures backstage because we were all so bored of waiting. We had so much time to do our makeup that we took our time dolling ourselves up while we drank tea and munched on some energy and chocolate bars Sarah Miss Scotland’s mum brought.

When we first saw the stage Wednesday night, we were underwhelmed. We had kinda expected the stage and venue to be a lot bigger. But with the lights and camera angles, it was amazing how fantastic the stage looked on Coronation day.

Without the lights and sound, here’s what the stage looked like.

We had our very first rehearsal on Wednesday night, the day we landed in Boracay itself. Pictures of rehearsals from Wednesday night.

We learnt the opening dance in one single night and the individual group choreography that very same night. These were to be used for the opening video sequences to be shot the next day. We’d heard beforehand that the lady choreographer was a force not to be reckoned with. And when we first met her lotsa girls were quite intimidated especially when it came to learning the dance. They didnt want to screw up the dance, get told off and make 79 other girls wait for them. Truth be told, Ive met worse choreographers who yell and tell you off till you wanna cry. For instance, I remember hearing one story about how this famed choreographer here in Singapore said to his dancers they look “like vomit” during one of their practices. LOL.

But anyway, you have to give credit to her because she really knows her stuff and we all agree wholeheartedly that the final presentation of the girls during Coronation looked fantastic thanks to her.

During our break on rehearsal day, we had some time to goof off and make silly faces. Haha.

With Sandra Miss Philippines who’s also Miss Earth Air 2009! YAYYYYY! Congrats my babe!

Rujinan Miss Thailand who made Top 8! Asian poweerrrrr!

We only had one more rehearsal Saturday night before actually going on stage on Sunday. That night we learnt the different choreographies for the swimsuit, evening gown and Top 16. Pictures backstage on Coronation.

Minor drama that happened backstage. Haha. Hair getting caught in earrings. Magalie Miss France helps to untangle my hair from Adie’s earrings.

After that episode, I finally get a picture with Adie our chaperon and Miss Philippines 2009 1st Runner up!

Cuba showin’ off her awesome booty. And lucky me gets to spank it. HAHAHAHA.

Pictures from on stage. Credits to G.Aplal for the stunning photos.

This, boys, is what your dreams should truly be made of. 80 girls all in swimsuits. HAHAHA.

India. Martinique. Georgia. Singapore. Just 4 of the Top 16 in swimsuit. Love the green swimsuit specially designed by Ricky Abad.

The other semi-finalists.





South Africa.

Baby of the group – Northern Ireland.





After crowning, with Larissa Miss Brazil.

I really didnt get much time to take pictures in between changing from the yellow bikini to the green one. And then there was the dash to get dressed for the evening gown segment. Phew. In between drinking water and making sure every single strand of hair was in place, it was a crazy rush, but I loved every. single. minute. of. it.

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yeah, the miss earth stage and venue wasn’t that awesome but if they had better technology and stage, it’d be the best pageant of the year. the top 16 in miss earth were so much more competitive and so much more stage presence than the miss universe top 15.

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