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Boracay Beach Shoot Picture Post

Posted by: dweam on: December 6, 2009

We had a super early shoot on the day after we arrived for the opening video! There was a group dance segment and an individual country segment too. We all had to wear the yellow bikini from ABS-CBN, but makeup and hair was done by us. I quite like the bright yellow bikini although the cut wasnt too flattering for flat-chested people like me. HAHAHA.

Here are some pictures from the shoot day.

Waiting for the cue. We’ve got Pakistan, Isreal, Lebanon, Peru, New Zealand, Guam and Singapore in this group.

While waiting, we preen. Haha. *adjust adjust*

Oh hey! There’s the cue! Party girls, party!

Sorry lads, we gotta run now. Catch you later!

Run as fast as you can, but you cant catch us!


There was also a scene where we had to run with cloth along the waters. It was tough to do so because the winds were so strong and it felt as though we might been blown off the sands with the cloth as a parachute! Lol. The video might be short, but we had to take and retake the same scene several times. If it wasnt us not performing as well as we should, it was because the camera had to take from different angles. Though the sand was rough, we had to smile cheerfully ignoring the pain beneath our feet as we danced. Haha. Bet you cant tell right?

So after all that hardwork and spending the entire morning in the sun getting a tan, this is the final product that was shown on Coronation Night before the actual pageant started.

[youtube= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGcSaFdVQ88]

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Hi Val. There’s a rumor that Miss Earth may be held in Singapore next year. Could this be true? It’s kinda unlikely since Carousel hasn’t announced any plans of bringing the pageant out of PH next year yet, but fans would really be very glad to see Singapore hosting the pageant.

hey miss singapore…i am one of your avid readers from around the world…i have discovered your blog through the miss earth pageant and have followed it eversince……anyway the opening number was spectacular….the stunning beauty of boracay , the goegeous girls and the energy and enthusiasm u girls put in made everything perfect…..miss earth 2009 was the best pageant of 2009 no doubt about it…it was exciting to watch from start to finish…keep the blogs coming …thanks for sharing ur thpughts and experiences to the world

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