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Travel Files: Miss Earth 09 Goes to Ilocos Norte Part 1

Posted by: dweam on: December 16, 2009

Warning: Image heavy post!

Finally the first installment of the many travel posts that will come.

12 girls from Group 3 had to leave one morning bright and early to take a plane to Laoag. I was fortunate enough to be one of those 12.

Checking in. The headache begins. The dude looks appalled at the number of luggages we have. But we only carried 15kg each!

But once all that needs to be done is cleared out of the way, we have time to pose and make our adoring fans happy. Haha.

This is the crowd that has gathered.

In the midst of all that, we take time to cam-whore on our own.

Once we enter the waiting lounge, we still get mobbed by people who want pictures!

So we has to sit and pose nicely.

Sometimes, we turn the tables and ask the photographers to be the photographed. These guys willingly smile and pose. Haha.

After about an hour on the plane, we touch down to blue blue skies!

Welcome reception at the airport. Lovely kiddos present us with sunhats and welcome ribbons.

We were immediately ushered out to jeeps lined up outside the airport. At first we werent sure what they were there for, but we soon found out.

Cruising down the roads along scenic sights.

Check out our entourage.

And little did we expect that the WHOLE town would stop for us. The streets were packed with bystanders. Some just stoof and watch while others were waving, cheering as we zoomed by blowing kisses and doing “queenly” waves.

After meeting our public, we head off to our accomodation for the night – Fort Ilocandia Resort.

Dancing girls welcome us at the entrance.

The interior of Fort Ilocandia.

We can has a welcome drink too!

After checking in to our comfy rooms, we headed off for lunch at the in-house restaurant. We had a HUGE spread prepared for us.

Not only did we get to eat out fill, we got fresh fruit juices too. Elza Miss Kosovo proudly shows off one of the most popular drinks that we girls always order: a mango shake/mango juice! We love it so much because the Philippines mangoes are absolutely the best! They’re sweet, juicy and so very, very fragrant.

After lunch we had a full day of travelling and activities visiting various places, but am gonna save the pictures for a Part 2.

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