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DIY: Christmassy Bling Keychain

Posted by: dweam on: December 27, 2009

In the impromptu Christmas gathering we had on Christmas eve, we all had to bring a gift for the gift exchange. We were told “whatever that was within your budget”.


I had trouble at first deciding what to get because I wasnt sure if we were supposed to get something for everybody or just one gift to swap. Then there was the problem of time. If I were to get something for everyone, I’d want to get different things for each person; personalised gifts that they each needed or wanted. Unfortunately, I didnt have the luxury of time so I had to get just one item that would be appropriate for everyone there.


What was the ONE THING that everyone there would like or had in common? Umm.. Aside from wanting to be rich, it struck me that everyone there was going to be a blogger, so I decided to make something.

A “BLOGGER” keychain

Not just any keychain, but a bling crystalised keychain. Because I like bling and had some extra bling at home am good at this DIY stuff. HAHA. You can make it for someone as a Christmas present too!

Here’s what you need:
- a computer/font book
- your choice of backing for the keychain: plastic, wood
- crystals
- Epoxy glue

The how-to:

You can choose whatever font or text you prefer putting your name or the recipient’s name. Of course, I chose BLOGGER because I was making it for a blogger!

Once you’ve decided what font and text you want for your keychain, trace or copy the whole thing onto a piece of paper/tracing paper.

I just happened to have this piece of plastic at home. Seriously. Haha. But it wasnt nicely cut so my mum had to help me saw the darn thing to the right size and then drill a hole at the top for the chain. As you can see, a lot of sweat and effort went into making this keychain! Haha.

Once all that is ready, just trace the text onto your backing. Because my backing was clear, it was easy to simply use a marker and copy the outline. If you’re using other materials, tracing paper might work better for you.

Choose your favourite blings and get comfy.

Here comes the fun part. Armed with your glue and tweezers, make sure the area you’re going to cover with crystals has sufficient glue. Then carefully place each crystal where you want them and wait till the glue dries.

Dont stop. Almost there!

Done with the words. Now to add some extra sparkle.

When all that is done and you are happy with the final result of your keychain, wrap it up, put on a pretty bow and you’re good to go!

What do you think? Do you like it? I sure am hoping the person who got it likes it! Hahaha.

Merry Christmas!

9 Responses to "DIY: Christmassy Bling Keychain"

Oh that’s such a great gift idea! I would be excited to receive something like this in a gift exchange, that said I am completely obsessed with bling :D

So cute! And simple… Very nice idea. :D I have many friends who like blinged up items and I can personalize with this one! Thank you.

Hie, nice post about the bling bling wordings. LOL. Dropping by from Innit to support =)

that’s great! very nice idea! :)

Awesome job! Now you need to put some lights around it…

hullo, pretty gift but i’m actually more interested with the font you used to explain the steps. what is it?

like it? I LOVE it! hee :)

@Violet: Me too! I love bling too. Haha. I want to bling everything up in sight.

@yuli & DC: Thank you!

@Arnold: OHHH. THAT’S a great idea. I will have to figure how to do that soon. Haha.

@nazrul: The font is called Jellyka. Downloaded it off somewhere I cant remember. Oops.

@ladyironchef: :D

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