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Quick Beauty Tip: Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

Posted by: dweam on: February 4, 2010

I’ve been told on more than one occasion, by people of all sorts, how white my teeth are. They ask me if I use any whitening products or if I do anything special treatment. But the truth is, when I was sponsored a teeth whitening service 2 years ago, the dentist told me he couldnt do much for whitening my teeth because they were already so white! I kid you not. Imagine my disappointment then. Haha.

But anyhoo, although I dont actively TRY to whiten my teeth (I think if I try any more they’re going to turn transparent), it’s still always good to have whiter teeth. Lol.

I’ve read from various sources about how strawberries whiten your teeth naturally, and I am a BIG fan of strawberries. Instead of using chemical bleaching agents why not go natural? The juicy, fleshy part in strawberries contains malic acid which does wonders in removing stains.

I never noticed the effect till I was eating strawberries one day and checked my teeth afterwards in the mirror. Hey, waddaya know? My teeth DID look whiter and brighter after just munching on them as an after dinner treat.

You can choose to cut 1 strawberry and rub the fleshy part across your teeth as a quick teeth whitening fix before going out. But I personally prefer eating a handful of strawberries as dessert.

Eating a handful of these juicy babies once a week will not only keep your teeth looking whiter but also provide a whole host of vitamins in your diet!

Try it and tell me if it works for you too!

10 Responses to "Quick Beauty Tip: Whiten Your Teeth Naturally"

really i muz try it out since i use whitening tooth paste…
nanged you.

strawberries.. okay..
thanks for the tips! =)

got to try this! thanks for the tip Valerie!

Thank you for the tips! =)

Beautiful tip!

There is so much power in nature all around us, to launch us forward into next-level beauty, more art, expanding creativity, and higher quality technology.

Simple tips like strawberries as a delectably tasty way to whiten teeth, definitely falls into this category, for me :)

And I believe apples ( ‘nature’s toothbrush’ ) helps whiten teeth as well.

Very cool blog, I’ll pimp it out to my friends :)
Keep rockin’, Valerie!


Haha did you get this tip from me? I wrote about it recently – a tip that Catherine Zeta Jones also recommends!

ooh, interesting!! shall try….thanx a lot!!!!

does it REALLY work? i don’t really fancy strawberries, can i use honeydew instead? haha

a must try tips! =)

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