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Travel Files: Miss Earth 09 Goes to Ilocos Norte Part 2

Posted by: dweam on: January 9, 2010

Warning: Image heavy post! OKAY. Finally gonna continue from the first post about Philippines. Mad load of photos I photoshopped today! So after lunch at Fort Ilocandia Resort, we went to the brand new convention center to do tree-planting! Armed with our sunhats, we walk to our nearby destination where our trees wait for us. [...]

An Impromptu Merry Christmas

Posted by: dweam on: December 25, 2009

Sometimes last minute things turn out to be the best things. A mini gathering planned in less than 24 hours beforehand saw us trying to make decisions in an MSN conversation while not getting distracted by the 531634752 things going on everywhere else. Thanks to a well-connected person, we landed ourselves in a nice little [...]

Breath-taking Boracay

Posted by: dweam on: November 19, 2009

We’re in paradise! We arrived last night when the sun was setting and its magnificent rays painted the sky with streaks of pink, orange and red. It was hard not to gawk at such a sight. Whisked away to the Shangri-La Resort for some drinks, we were then stunned by the beauty of the pristine [...]

So Many Things, So Little Time

Posted by: dweam on: October 26, 2009

I have about 5 days left in this sunny little island before I leave for the Philippines for a month. The preparations have been mad because every little detail has to be prepared for. I honestly havent had time to update because almost everyday when I reach home I’m exhausted. But I’ve been really blessed [...]

It’s Krrunch Time, Get Playful!

Posted by: dweam on: October 3, 2009

I had epic ideas for this post. Haha but the first one required me to source out a stage and there was a lack of actors for it. This one was slightly easier to carry out, but thankfully an opportunity gathering with the posse also presented itself in line with this second idea. They were [...]


Posted by: dweam on: October 1, 2009

Art Direction: me Post processing: me Hanging out with Michelle love at Sentosa one day and lucky I decided to bring my DSLR along. Hey waddaya know! Sudden inspiration and fantastic sunlight led to this awesome shot. Looks like something out of Final Fantasy. Maybe I should photoshop a sword in my hands. Haha.

Miss Earth Singapore 09 Coronation Night Picture Post

Posted by: dweam on: September 28, 2009

OHAY! I’m back. I know I said I’d update with tonnes of pictures of the Coronation Night and you probably were eagerly waiting for it. I apologise if it caused you any mental distress when there was no update over the weekend. But it was the F1 weekend hey? Hope you were busy out doing [...]

From the Official Camera

Posted by: dweam on: September 19, 2009

#10 Nur Amira – Miss Earth Singapore 2009 Air. #7 Valerie Lim – Miss Earth Singapore 2009. #8 Deborah Chan – Miss Earth Singapore 2009 Water. #5 Stella Zheng – Miss Earth Singapore 2009 Fire.

Tutorial: National Day Inspired Looks

Posted by: dweam on: August 6, 2009

Winners for this contest are Joie, Ivy & Xin Hui. Congratulations babes! With the long weekend approaching and a time to celebrate our Nation’s 44th Birthday, it’s time to get creative with your eye-makeup! If you’re going to the National Day Parade like why not take pride in our national colour and jazz up your [...]

Child Labour

Posted by: dweam on: July 29, 2009

One of the reasons why I love coming home early to have dinner. I get free massages when I have dinner. Hahaha. Disclaimer: No children were hurt in the taking of this photo.

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