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Making it Yours

Posted by: dweam on: January 18, 2010


A laptop is no longer just a laptop.

Because we live practically online, the humble laptop is now a vehicle for expression; an expression of our individuality. So why not make your laptop, your own?

I did mine like this when I first got my laptop. But instead of just blinging it up with some crystals or paying someone to customise your laptop for you, you can now do it yourself!

You can CHOOSE to put whatever design you want on your brand new laptop.

When you buy the Dell Studio 15 Laptop, you can customise the exterior of this powerful Hi-def, 15.6ยจ LED widescreen gadget. Personalise your device with a choice of colours and 10+ Artist Designs.

You can has swirly designs from Mike Ming.

Or more psychedelic designs from the (Product) Red line which I personally like.

But instead of relying on someone else’s designs, why not you put your individuality out there and show everyone what you’ve got?


*insert lightbulb*

To start expressing yourself creatively, register at http://www.makeityours.asia/sg and you could land yourself A BRAND NEW LAPTOP with your INDIVIDUAL design and $2500 CASH!

These people have already done so.

Think you can do better?

Travel Files: Miss Earth 09 Goes to Ilocos Norte Part 3

Posted by: dweam on: January 16, 2010

The final and last installment of the travel files to Ilocos Norte! Phew. After which there’s Subic, Occidental Mindoro, Bacolod and umm… I think I’ll just skip straight to some of the highlight events like the National Costume competition and Swimsuit competition. Hurhur.

The day after we did our tree-planting activity and was welcomed by the Govenor, we set out early in the morning to Kapurpurawan White Rock Formation for a trek. Kapurpuraoan rock means “white rock” and it clearly demonstrated the power of wind, water and rain on rock and coral. The massive rock juts out into the sea and from afar looks as if someone has wiped off the top frosting and exposed the cake that lies beneath. Up close it was a dazzling white rock that sparkled in the sun. But, dont take my words for it. See for yourself.

We’re almost there. We had to trek for a bit. But finally we see the white rock in the distance.

Can there be a more amazing view?


After trekking through rocky roads, by-passing some ponds or whatchamacallit, we finally make it to the white rock. And it REALLY is white even in the distance.

We climb on top the actual white rock and of course, the trigger-happiness starts all over again.

Close up view of the rock formation.

Moving out closer to the edge, we ran the risk of falling into the ocean if we werent careful! Also, the breeze was so strong, our hats were almost stolen by the wind. Everything was flying! See everyone desperately clinging onto their hats. Lol.

Cam-whoring pictures with the awesome background.

Ok. This obviously isnt me. It’s Miss Switzerland who eventually took the title of Miss Congeniality.

Group picture!
Pose girls pose! Wave! Wave!

By noon, we were on the way to Bangui Wind Farm. Because the Bangui area is so windy, plans to construct various tourist attractions were shelved. But, instead of letting the natural energy go to waste, why not make use to Mother Nature’s gift and build wind mills to harness her energy? This is the FIRST power plant in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. There are 20 units of wind turbines rated at 1.68MW each and they are a magnificent sight to behold.

Each structure is beautiful on its own.

But combined with the rest of the awe-inspiring structures and set against the blue backdrop, it is a picturesque scene.

Again, who would pass up the opportunity to take pictures?

Pardon the mad hair. Mother Nature decided to be my hair stylist for the day.

But that wasnt the last of our stops for the day. We then had to travel to Pagudpud, Blue Lagoon, Maira-ra Beach touted to have white sands and waters so blue. We had lunch at Hannah’s Beach Resort and then did a beach cleaning on the Blue Lagoon Beach.

We had a warm welcome reception when we arrived at Hannah’s. Beautiful bouquets and welcome ribbons for us.

Important message for everyone from Hannah’s.

Lunch was in a function room. They had set out tables for us very much like a press conference and we sat facing the audience. Imagine people watching you as you ate. Haha. Very common regardless of where we went in the Philippines.

Lunch is served.

Lunch was followed by a tour of the premises. Hannah’s overlooks the beautiful Blue Lagoon Beach.

And we got to see their cosy rooms too.

But our crucial mission there was to do beach cleaning. Armed with gloves and trash bags, we made our way down to the Blue Lagoon Beach to pick up whatever rubbish that was there.

And we take some time in between to make our fans happy by taking pictures with them. Haha.

Ilocos Norte was amazing and truly unforgettable. We visited so many astounding and breath-taking places that it makes me sad to read that the Copenhagen Summit was sort of a failure.

According to Newsweek, studies made at the environmental summit show that commitments by the various countries will fall short of of its goal to cut carbon emissions sharply enough to hold off a 2-degree-Celsius rise in global temperatures. The United Nations Environment Program found that the world had locked in less than half of the greenhouse gas reductions needed to provide a 50-50 chance of preventing the temperature increase by 2050.

2050 may seem like a long time away, but it is only 40 years into the future considering we’re already in 2010. 40 years later and many of us will be in our golden years. Years that we might want to enjoy with our families or possibly spend retirement in some exotic country where the beaches are blue and the sky in bluer. But, irresponsibility on our part not only causes the temperature rise in our environment, it in fact, costs us OUR home and OUR future. OUR chance at enjoying what Mother Nature has to offer.

The fact of the matter is this: despite already saying we’re TRYING, we’re barely making enough reductions to reach a 50-50 chance of preventing the temperature rise. Maybe we’re just not trying hard enough, or in Mother Nature’s books, we’re not even trying at all.

But the picture is not bleak. There is still time to stall the global temperature rise and we need to do it NOW. The experts will tell you if the world delays action by even a few years, emission cuts will have to be considerably LARGER so global temperatures stay within the 2-degree range to prevent melting ice. Why make things difficult if you can take small steps now?

DIY/How-to: Applying Fake Nails

Posted by: dweam on: January 13, 2010

I’ve never had to bother with fake nails. Being absolutely clumsy it was either I cut them short, grew them out or get gel/acrylic extensions. But if you’re always busy working with your hands, what happens when you need a temporary permanent situation?

Fake nails to the rescue!

I only used them a couple of days before the actual Coronation while other girls sported extensions the whole time. Turns out they’re actually pretty easy to use!

What you need
- a fake nail kit (you can easily purchase them from a local drugstore)

The nail kit usually comes with an emery board, cuticle stick and nail glue. Otherwise, you will need to purchase them separately.

How to
1. Remove any trace of nail polish on your natural nails using cotton balls and nail polish remover. Wash your hands and dry thoroughly.

2. Apply hand-cream and allow it to soak into your skin.

3. Before applying the artificial nails, select the most appropriate sized one by matching the artificial nail to your natural one. The artificial nails should cover your natural nail and not be smaller than your actual nail.

4. Push your cuticle back to expose as much of your natural nail as possible.

5. File your nail surface using the emery board until it is smooth. This allows the glue to spread evenly and provides a better adhesive when you apply the artificial nail.

6. Spread an even layer of glue to your thumb and apply the fake nail starting from the edge nearest the cuticle. Apply gentle pressure and hold the fake nail down for 5 to 10 seconds before releasing.

7. Repeat Step 6 for the rest of the fingers.

8. Once you are done, viola, stretch your hands out and enjoy your handiwork! You can also choose to file any rough edges down or even shape the nails to any shape or length you want.

Travel Files: Miss Earth 09 Goes to Ilocos Norte Part 2

Posted by: dweam on: January 9, 2010

Warning: Image heavy post!

OKAY. Finally gonna continue from the first post about Philippines. Mad load of photos I photoshopped today!

So after lunch at Fort Ilocandia Resort, we went to the brand new convention center to do tree-planting!

Armed with our sunhats, we walk to our nearby destination where our trees wait for us. Haha.

Remember, if it’s nearby, dont pollute the environment by travelling in a vehicle, WALK!

Following our guides.

Waiting to go to our trees. We hide under some umbrella shade. It is MAD glaring and hot judging by our shades, umbrella AND hat. Haha.

Miss Northen Ireland goes first.

My turn to plant!

Plant tree until glasses all crooked.

A much better picture.

YAY! We did it! Save the Earth!

Taking a breather after HOT work by the cool and relaxing pool in the new convention center.

It wasnt too long after that, we zipped off in our bus to visit some beautiful sites in Ilocos Norte. Paoay Church was our first destination. The church is built of coral blocks and stucco-plastered bricks. It’s architecture is a unique combination of Gothic, Baroque and Oriental. What’s really fascinating about the church is the bricks of the church were said to have been made by mixing sand and lime with sugarcane juice! These were boiled with mango leaves, leather and rice straw. Talk about being environmentally friendly. Haha.

Interior of the church

The main religion in Philippines is Roman Catholic.

When we came out, guess what greeted us?


No, more like MASSIVE SWARM. They were already gathering when we were preparing to enter the church.

But when we came out, it was just….. PHWOAR!

We had to fight thru the massive swarm of people screaming, pushing and trying to shake our hands to eventually get to the cafe where we were supposed to have a rest. Of course, in the local province, you could never do without tasting local fare. We thus had a snack at Herenia Cafe and got to sample their famous Pinakbet Pizza and Empanada (like a big curry puff).

Here’s the pizza with your usual pinakbet veggies. It was SOOO GOOOD! Om nom nom.

And we had this fried corn thing that is apparently dried first before it’s fried. Crispy, crunchy and salty, it would make a perfect snack for any time of day.

I stuff myself silly while Kayleigh looks on in disgust. Haha!

Even when we’re eating, THEY NEVER STOP HOUNDING US! Look at the camera pointing inside.

By this time, it was already evening. We had to go back on the bus and return to our hotel to shower, get dressed and go for a welcome dinner hosted by the Govenor. It was a welcome dinner with cultural presentation.

So although we were told the dress code was cocktail dress, everyone really dressed up to the nines.

When the event started, it began with a cultural presentation alongside some yummylicious Chinese cuisine.

The final item was the traditional bamboo dance.

And we got to try our hand at doing it! It may look really simple but it’s actually quite hard. I, however, managed to get the choreographed sets right! Yay!!!

The end of the dinner marked the end of a very busy and packed first day. However, day 2 in Ilocos Norte was even more exciting and we visited even more beautiful places.

Face of the Day (FOTD): Staged Christmas

Posted by: dweam on: January 6, 2010

Although it never snows here in Singapore, I like to pretend it does. Haha. So when I was lucky to get a new palette from Stage (their Floral Frenzy palette), I drew inspiration from a white Christmas to create this look: a soft blue and white to mimic the winter snow.

It’s an simple but soft look that you probably could wear out to parties.

M.A.C Studio Fix
M.A.C Pinch-o-peach blush

White & Blue in Stage’s Floral Frenzy palette
ZA 10 carat eyeshadow in 104
Kate Gel Eyeliner
Maybelline Define-a-lash mascara
Maxi Lens in Blue

Artistry Lip Gloss in Signature

I really liked how the blue turned out on the eyes. The colour was pigmented and gave a nice shimmery effect that dazzled on the eyes. The white was used on the lower lids and as a highlighter for the brow bone. While the shimmer of the white gave the illusion of soft snow on the bottom eyelids, it didnt do much to bring out the brow bone. With Spring coming round, I’ll be looking forward to using the rest of the other colours in the palette though. A great excuse to be playing with colours!

Is there a specific look you like for Christmas? Show me a picture of it! How do you guys like to wear your blue eyeshadow?

Eye of the Day: Black with a Touch of Gold

Posted by: dweam on: January 3, 2010


New year, new start.

If the new year was an indication of how the rest of 2010 will be like, I spent most of it at home, eating and nua-ing in bed watching Zombieland. Haha.

New Year’s Eve was slightly different. My New Year’s Eve was spent doing some cardio.

Dancing is always good to burn up the extra calories from the festive eating.

And then making monkey faces to say good bye to 2009.

Of course, going out on special occasions always means a great excuse to dress up. I made me a special pair of bling eyelashes and I got to wear them out!

Eye of the day
M.A.C Paint Pot in Rubenesque
M.A.C Mineralise eyeshadow Gilt by Association
Kate Gel Eyeliner
NARS eyeshadow in Pandora

They matched well with the theme that night: Black with a Touch of Gold. Thank goodness for all the inspiration from monoxious.com. Spending all that time with them, gave me loads of ideas how to dress up that night.

DIY: The REAL Bling Eyelashes

Posted by: dweam on: December 31, 2009

2 DIY posts in a row! I’ve been realllllyy hardworking these past weeks especially with the long holidays and half-days off work. Yay!

A couple of months back I did a tutorial on how to DIY a pair of bling lashes using glitter nail polish. That was the lazy girl easy way out. But here’s the REAL deal when it comes to blinging up your lashes.

These take a little less than an hour to do and in the final countdown your New Year’s Eve party, maybe you could do one up to add a little pizazz to your look later tonight!

Do you like them? If you do try this project out yourself at home, let me know how it goes for you!

Ive got mine all ready for my countdowns tonight and will probably post a picture of me wearing them bling in the next FOTD. So do check back for that look.

Have a Happy New Year! :)

DIY: Christmassy Bling Keychain

Posted by: dweam on: December 27, 2009

In the impromptu Christmas gathering we had on Christmas eve, we all had to bring a gift for the gift exchange. We were told “whatever that was within your budget”.


I had trouble at first deciding what to get because I wasnt sure if we were supposed to get something for everybody or just one gift to swap. Then there was the problem of time. If I were to get something for everyone, I’d want to get different things for each person; personalised gifts that they each needed or wanted. Unfortunately, I didnt have the luxury of time so I had to get just one item that would be appropriate for everyone there.


What was the ONE THING that everyone there would like or had in common? Umm.. Aside from wanting to be rich, it struck me that everyone there was going to be a blogger, so I decided to make something.

A “BLOGGER” keychain

Not just any keychain, but a bling crystalised keychain. Because I like bling and had some extra bling at home am good at this DIY stuff. HAHA. You can make it for someone as a Christmas present too!

Here’s what you need:
- a computer/font book
- your choice of backing for the keychain: plastic, wood
- crystals
- Epoxy glue

The how-to:

You can choose whatever font or text you prefer putting your name or the recipient’s name. Of course, I chose BLOGGER because I was making it for a blogger!

Once you’ve decided what font and text you want for your keychain, trace or copy the whole thing onto a piece of paper/tracing paper.

I just happened to have this piece of plastic at home. Seriously. Haha. But it wasnt nicely cut so my mum had to help me saw the darn thing to the right size and then drill a hole at the top for the chain. As you can see, a lot of sweat and effort went into making this keychain! Haha.

Once all that is ready, just trace the text onto your backing. Because my backing was clear, it was easy to simply use a marker and copy the outline. If you’re using other materials, tracing paper might work better for you.

Choose your favourite blings and get comfy.

Here comes the fun part. Armed with your glue and tweezers, make sure the area you’re going to cover with crystals has sufficient glue. Then carefully place each crystal where you want them and wait till the glue dries.

Dont stop. Almost there!

Done with the words. Now to add some extra sparkle.

When all that is done and you are happy with the final result of your keychain, wrap it up, put on a pretty bow and you’re good to go!

What do you think? Do you like it? I sure am hoping the person who got it likes it! Hahaha.

Merry Christmas!

An Impromptu Merry Christmas

Posted by: dweam on: December 25, 2009

Sometimes last minute things turn out to be the best things.

A mini gathering planned in less than 24 hours beforehand saw us trying to make decisions in an MSN conversation while not getting distracted by the 531634752 things going on everywhere else.

Thanks to a well-connected person, we landed ourselves in a nice little restaurant at the roof top of Orchard Central sampling fine dining Vietnamese dishes. Nuoc’s ambiance was nice and chill. We lounged in the plush chairs and watched as the crowd outside milled about the roof top garden. Haha. Talk about having a good view.

The unofficial theme was Black Christmas and we looked very much like mafia.

Monkey faces were optional. But we came prepared with them anyway.

We wined and dined like royalty; stuffing ourselves silly with humongous burgers and toasted to “Happy Jesus Birth Day” when the clock struck 12 many times over on our different time pieces.

But it was okay. Christmas is THE time to make merry and disregard the cries of your about-to-explode stomach. It is a time to feast, spread joy and of course, give.

Our last minute gift exchange stash turned out to be a pretty HUGE stash. Some braved the last minute shopping crowd to make a lot of wishes come true, while others gave up time and sweat to personalise each and gift.

Last minute things can truly turn out to the best and most exciting things. We chilled out, feasted, pretended to be zombies and had a memorable time despite being plan-less a day before.

Impromptu is our middle name.

Merry Christmas everybody!

Face of the Day (FOTD): Naughty not Nice

Posted by: dweam on: December 21, 2009

Christmas is barely days away! Have you been naughty or nice through this year? Hopefully you’ve been nice and made it to the nice list!

Not too long ago I had a shoot where I had to be “naughty”. With big hair, glitter sparkles, dark eyes, dark nails and red lips, I was a rockstar drummer.

Although most of the other makeup was the make-up artist’s, the eyeshadow was mine. Proudly showing off to her the NARS eyeshadow I had gotten with the help of a close friend, she agreed that the pigmentation was fantastic and proceeded to use it for my look. I love the intensity of it!

Face of the Day

Makeup Forever products

NARS eyeshadow duo in Pandora
M.A.C mineralise eyeshadow in Cinderfella
Kate Gel eyeliner in Black
Maybelline XXL volume+length mascara

White balloon tee: Forever 21
Gold multi-layered chain necklace: Forever 21

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