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Model Portfolio

“Excuse me, are you a model?”

I get that question a lot. Or at least, I get lotsa comments on how TALL I am and how I should go be a model.

I wouldnt consider myself a MODEL per se, given that, I havent walked the runways of high fashion labels, nor graced the covers of various magazines. But, what I have experienced is the tip of the ice-berg. I’ve had my fair share of several runway gigs, appearing in some print ads of major companies and I’ve even had some TV air time. I also grace events, solely for professional purposes, including large-scaled exhibitions such as CommunicAsia, STB Tourism Night and German Expo.

I’ve taken part in 2 national pageants (Miss Singapore International 2007 & Miss Singapore Universe 2008) and managed to clinch some top titles including 2nd Runner Up and Miss Body Beautiful for the former.

Models supposedly require long legs that go on forever. But dont believe everyone else, especially when they say they have long-a*s legs. Cause I’m the Real Slim Shady when it comes to never-ending legs that go on forever. Hahaha. Dont believe me? Tell me YOUR height and we’ll see.


[youtube= http://youtube.com/watch?v=1y8t5dAr1pg]
Bausch and Lomb

[youtube= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnhNTWn7-tU]
Tiger Beer CNY TVC 2007


Seagate IT Print

Sports Pageant 2006

Sentosa Shoot by Yury Averkiev

By Kirk

Changi Beach – 1st July 2006

redchopsticks.com Stock Photography

By Gerald Tay

Print Ads/TVCs
* 2008 CommunicAsia – Samsung
* 2008 Lipton Tea TVC for Vietnam
* 2008 Sony Handycam Wedding Shoot
* 2008 UOB Chinese New Year Print
* 2007 Seagate IT Print
* 2007 Tiger Beer Chinese New Year TVC
* 2006 Bausch and Lomb TVC

19 Responses to "Model Portfolio"

Really cool photos you’ve taken… Like it very very much… Jealous ler… Hehe…

nice photos you have there, are you modeling professionally?

I love the pictures from Sports Pageant 2006. You look really sweeeet in there. *pinch*

you are pretty. nice photos!

I love the “Boobworm” top you are wearing!!!
Looks great on you =)

Hi, How tall are you?
You do freelance right? And may i know how do you get these job offers? Sorry for asking too much. :)

I like your pose in the phone ads, really cool.

Greetings from a fellow nuffnang member.
You’ve got an interesting blog…:)

….and you ARE tall….:)

wow, really great to b a model..
in the glamor world that shorties are envious of :)

wow. ok i got the biggest image on your portfolio :D

when are we gg to do another one?

ROAR, you’re so hwat I felt like melting. Nice posey~

Love the sentosa shoot pic. Very elegant!!


Love your toes. Can you show me more toenail designs.

Heartfelt thanks!

haha really v tall! but how tall exactly? XD

So how tall are you? Don’t look particularly tall in your pics. sorree….just being honest, no offense ok. Maybe it’s the proportions

My pretty babe, i bet you are 1.8m+! :) Tell me i’m right.

Hugs & Loves.

my gosh you look great! i’m asian as well and get so envious when i see other asians with skinny legs. i’m not overweight or anything just want to lose some weight. what is your daily food/exercise plan? please give me some tips ^^

I was randomly looking up stuff on modeling in Singapore and came across your blog, which i thought is interesting!
I get the “Are you a Model?” question quite often too, and I was approached a couple of times for modeling jobs while scrolling down orchard road, but was skeptic about agencies that randomly approach people in the street.
The thing is, I am thinking seriously of taking up modeling, but don’t know where to start!
How do i get a portfolio and what’s the best way? any tips?

muchas gracias

Miss Valerie, I was the one who took the photo of you at Central Philippine University for the Miss Earth 2009 Talents Night at the backstage of Rose Memorial Auditorium.

I’m so amazed by the fact that you are a blogger.
Here’s the post Click.

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