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NARS Spring Collection 2010

Posted by: dweam on: February 14, 2010

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! It’s the first day of the Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival. So what better day to talk about the new NARS Spring Collection than on the first day of the Spring Festival! NARS is one of my favourite makeup brands because the pigments are amazing. My [...]

I stumbled upon the Urban Decay website late one night and my heart stopped short. ALICE IN WONDERLAND! Let’s not talk about Alice whom everyone obviously knows. But who can forget the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit with his pocket watch, the Cheshire Cat with his amazing wide grin and of course, the Queen of [...]

Face of the Day (FOTD): Going Green

Posted by: dweam on: December 8, 2009

In the light of the Miss Earth pageant, one of the days as the girls and I were going out, I did a green eyeshadow look. Although most people think it’s a hard look to carry it off, this one came off really well because it was a dark green shade that I used just [...]

Maquillage x Alexander Wang

Posted by: dweam on: October 23, 2009

If my memory serves me well, Maquillage always has the prettiest girls hawking their products. The ethnicity of the girls in their campaigns are questionable. But I’ll put my dollar on the fact that they’re Japanese who have mastered the art of disguise. Now they’ve teamed up with Alexander Wang to create a new line [...]

Tutorial: National Day Inspired Looks

Posted by: dweam on: August 6, 2009

Winners for this contest are Joie, Ivy & Xin Hui. Congratulations babes! With the long weekend approaching and a time to celebrate our Nation’s 44th Birthday, it’s time to get creative with your eye-makeup! If you’re going to the National Day Parade like why not take pride in our national colour and jazz up your [...]

Tutorial: Too Face Classic Smokey Eyes

Posted by: dweam on: June 3, 2009

Short note: IM GOING TO THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS CONCERT! My idols! *fangirly* Here’s the how-to on the awesome classic smokey eyes based on the Too Faced Smokey Eye palette! The great thing about this set is that it comes with brushes and tutorials on how to use the colours in the palette, but I slightly [...]

Face of the Day (FOTD): Too Faced Classic Smoke

Posted by: dweam on: May 31, 2009

I am a sucker when it comes to smokey eyes. Although my daily makeup routine is pretty fuss-free and consists primarily of light makeup, I do like to indulge and go a leeeeetle over the top when it comes to events and partying. It was thus hard to resist the Too Faced Smokey Eye Palette [...]

M.A.C Hello Kitty Launch

Posted by: dweam on: March 15, 2009

I’ve been away for the weekend but am back! I had a fabulous weekend coupled with a tint of a tan from frolicking in the sun. Coming up will be a slew of posts with super pictures! But now, the post you’ve been waiting for. Your two roving reports for the night. Miao Mi and [...]

Mad about Makeup

Posted by: dweam on: November 25, 2008

I AM ABSOLUTELY MAD ABOUT MAKE UP! Or make that I am completely and absolutely mad. Period. Although I dont claim to have the largest stash of makeup, I would say I pretty much own quite a fair bit of make up of random sorts that I dont always use. And Im dying to add [...]

My Make-up Tutorial

Posted by: dweam on: May 12, 2008

I will now attempt to show you what goes into making a pretty face. The effort women put into looking good. As they say, there are no ugly women, there are only LAZY women. Yes, there may be photoshop and digital makeup what with technology so advanced. But seriously, if you’re going on a date [...]

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